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Employee Engagement gets attention: Tap into our experience and enjoy the results

Imagine everyone excited and enthusiastic about their work, clear about what they need to do and motivated to do it to the best of their ability, empowered to go the extra mile, committed to doing what’s right for your organisation, its people and customers. Now reflect on how this could result in increased revenue and growth, greater productivity, more innovation, higher retention, less conflict, fewer accidents and sick leave, reduced stress.

Sound too good to be true?

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Coaching is the catalyst: Transformation is the result

First published in the Ulster Business, June 2012

 Imagine your organisation full of people who work together to improve the process, service, and economic efficiency at every level. Imagine people consistently looking  for better ways to move the company towards its goals – with focus and enthusiasm.  Imagine them more resilient in times of stress. Anne Dargan, founder of Rapid Change Consultancy, explains how CoachWise™ makes this all possible. 

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Four Ways Women Stunt Their Careers Unintentionally

Would you believe....

Being overly modest - you need to tell your boss about accomplishments
Not asking - step up and apply for that promotion 
Blending in - it doesn't pay to go unnoticed
Remaining silent - failure to speak up is a missed chance to be in the game

Small adjustments in how women think and act can improve not only how confident they seem but how confident they feel. 
Have a read of this short article. 


Finding the Right Place to Start Change; McKinsey Quarterly, November 2011

Changing an entire large organization is never easy; only about a third of all such transformations succeed. One problem many organizations run into as they implement a change program is faltering momentum because employees just don’t change the way they work. Sometimes they don’t want to, and sometimes the reason is a poorly structured plan that makes change harder. Our recent experience at a European retail bank shows the benefits of starting to implement change by focusing on the employees who have the most influence over the daily work that needs to change. This approach can ensure that a successful transformation happens faster and that employees remain engaged in the long term. Read "Finding the Right Place to Start Change" (November 2011)


How women can contribute more to the US economy; McKinsey Quarterly, Oct 2011

Although women generate about a quarter of US GDP, they contribute less than they could—far too few of them move up the corporate ladder, for example, but not because they lack ambition. A McKinsey survey of about 2,500 college-educated men and women found that women who make the leap from entry-level jobs to middle management and on to senior management are not only increasingly interested in becoming leaders but also increasingly confident that they can. Read “How women can contribute more to the US economy” (April 2011).

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