Executive Coaching

For Business Owners, CEOs and Executives; those in key leadership or changing roles or transitioning into such roles; leaders whose organisations are undergoing significant change or who are leading or supporting the change agrenda; or talented individuals being groomed for succession planning. 


Today's executives and leaders face more pressures than ever. They are dealing with rapidly changing markets, technologies and workforces, increased financial and legal scruting...and more. Top executives who feel that they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions - potentially resulting in a significant loss of opportunities, human resoures and financial resources. 

The focus of the coaching engagement will vary on a case by case basis, and will be agreed at the start of the programme and will be re-visited throughout. We help you identify the critical few things that will make the biggest impact.

Coaching can address strategy, transformation, engagement, leadership impact, personal effectiveness, relationship building, influencing and persuasion, resolving conflict, decision making, getting the best from your team, the list goes on.

We work with our clients to return a minimum of ten times their investment; we help them identify the critical few things that will have the greatest impact.

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CEO Premium Package

The of CEO in particular is unique from several perspectives: No one else needs to hear the truth more, and gets it less from employees; no one else is the focus of criticism when things go wrong; no one else is the final decision maker on difficult and often lose-lose decisions; and finally, no one else enjoys the almost hero-celebrity status and rewards.

Even the best-of-the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective. Similar to how elite athletes use a coach (in fact a 360 support team) CEOs can improve their overall effectiveness using their coach as a “thinking partner” or “trusted advisor”, someone who will be supportive and challenging in equal measure.

Some examples may include:

  • Building a strategy for the next level of growth of the organisation
  • Smooth transition through major change
  • Development of strategic relationships, on the board and outside the organisation
  • Communication and engagement of the team to deliver

I wanted to build a high performing Leadership team. Despite finding it tricky to remove myself from the day to day, I have learned “to let go” and truly give the Leadership Team the space to run the business.

I got the clarity I needed to prioritise key items and avoid the frequent changes and therefore uncertainties that that created in the business, and yet still remain agile and innovative.

An unexpected outcome was that I discovered that building new businesses won’t necessarily achieve greater fulfilment and that what I value most is friendships and people, that a balance is key. I have started to exercise, play sport again and I now have a regime that no longer means working half way through the night, but am getting up early and having some quiet thinking time without technology to plan the success of the day.

Although change is a part of all business and the struggle for a growing business is not to become too bureaucratic as it grows, embracing the strengths of process and keeping the human touch has been key and will continue to be important in my mind.

I’ve now established a great platform for the future to be able to achieve all that I would wish for and I am grateful to have met Anne and have her as a coach. Kirit Ruparelia, CEO of Nextgen Clearing


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Executive Coaching Programme

For executives and business owners who, like CEOs, require outside perspective - a thinking partner and trusted advisor. Some examples may include:

  • Building or contributing to the strategic plan for the next level of growth of the organisation
  • Making sense of and translating strategy into actionable plans
  • Inspiring and engaging the team to deliver
  • Handling difficult or sensitive issues
  • Development of strategic relationships with your peers to collaborate and achieve organisational goals together

The benefits from coaching were many, both personally and for my business. Firstly it enabled me to see clearly what I wanted in life and what my goals were. I realised in my business that I needed to set and measure standards of performance as well as give more direction and feedback to staff. But I also realised what not to do, in that areas which were causing me stress or grief or wasting valuable time were explored and evaluated. The results of this approach for me is a better organised business, improved staff performance, better customer care and last but by no means least, less stress for me.  Small Business Owner

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Rapid Results Programme

For direct reports of the leadership team, critical players or change agents, or high potential talent being groomed for succession planning. Some examples may include:

  • Making sense of and translating strategy into actionable plans
  • Achieving results faster, better, more easily through others
  • Collaborating and getting buy-in with those you don’t directly manage to get things done.
  • Personal Impact and Effectiveness

I benefited massively from Anne’s coaching to help me manage complex professional relationships across my organisation and those of my customer. Anne helped me position myself confidently to discover new ways to achieve the targeted goals for my area, identify and utilise the strengths of individual team members, and integrate the team’s strengths with the mission of the organisation.

In addition, I had to drive my area for positive results quickly and was able to achieve this by moving it away from a fear of consequences to creating a safe space for risk-taking and innovation.

Now I feel confident and invigorated and recognising there is still work to do, but clear on the path I have to take.

I valued the honesty, the style and approach I experienced with my coach. I was very unsure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised after the 1st session. It was wonderful if at times difficult and challenging.  Michael Dorrian, Senior Project Manager

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Executive Career Transition Programme

For those leaving their organisation, unsettled through re-structuring, or who want to consider ‘what now?’. Examples may include:  

  • Processing the inevitable turmoil leaving can cause, supporting them to leave a legacy that is meaningful to them and then “let go”.
  • Exploring and clarifying a bright future that builds on their strengths, passions and desires.
  • Implementing a plan to achieve that future.
  • Putting their best foot forward at interview.
  • Hitting the ground running during first 90 days of new role.

My coaching sessions had a profound effect on my career and my life in general. It felt as if my career had stalled and I was getting swallowed up by internal politics and systems.  Coaching helped me recognise how valuable my skills are, rebuild my confidence and get out of a rut where I was working.  I am now about to take up an exciting opportunity with an incredible and progressive organisation.  Senior Executive, Voluntary Sector 

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First 90 Day Programme

For those executives and leaders starting in new and critical roles who want to put their best foot forward, accelerate their results, and have an early impact. Examples may include: 

  • Step up into new role, build new relationships, meet new challenges
  • Diagnose the current reality and prioritise what needs to change (including early wins)
  • Establish their long term vision and strategy
  • Develop a plan to realise that vision

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Women Leaders

For talented hardworking and ambitious leaders who are either already in a senior role, want to have more of an impact or want to accelerate their progression. Combined with any other programme above, examples may include:

  • Awareness and navigation of unconscious bias 
  • Personal and leadership awareness and growth 
  • Having more impact without having to work harder
  • Getting heard in meetings
  • Accelerated results and progression
  • Smooth and effective return from materity leave

Anne challenged me to see where there was more I could do and pushed me in a very positive way to get the most from our sessions. She is a great listener and observer so that she picks up what’s lurking under the surface and puts it on the table to get the best results. As a result I’ve more clarity, confidence, belief, focus and peace of mind. And in embracing my leadership role, it has made a huge difference to my business as well! Dorcas Crawford, Senior Partner, Edwards & Co Solicitor 


Leadership development for ambitious, successful and hard-working executive and professional women.

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