Rapid Change provided both a very people centred approach and a methodical and rigorous review of our work flow processes. The changes recommended will result in a much stronger team oriented approach, and significant improvements to our ways of working.

Peter Anderson, Head of Fundraising, Oxfam Ireland

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Organisational Change & Engagement

Organisational development... requires a planned approach to change based on meeting the needs of both the people and the organisation - Killion & Harrison

We adopt a people centred approach to change management to ensure rapid implementation and maximise return on investment. We facilitate productive and behaviour changing conversations at all levels to support change and growth. Unless people are engaged, and buy into the change agenda, progress will be slow at best, or worse still, may not be implemented at all. 

Combining skills and operational experience in accelerated change management with a challenging coaching approach, we capitalise on the strengths of the organisation, its people and practices. Working collaboratively with key stakeholders, we focus on the 'vital few' changes which are critical to business success.

We address the following key areas: 

Change Consultancy

Adopting the Rapid Change Methodology we help you develop an holistic solution that is guaranteed results. We work with executive teams to:

  • Co-create a compelling vision 
  • Develop the strategy and programme plans to achieve agreed business outcomes
  • Identify and reinforce the values and behaviours that support and detract from the desired outcomes

We also provide consultancy and support on:

  • Organisational Review and Design 
  • Career Development Frameworks
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Employee Engagement Programmes

We develop and facilitate bespoke programmes and conversations so that employees are involved in the change effort and views are exchanged across the organisation. Relationships are improved and everyone works together towards a common goal.

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Change Leadership Development

Leadership Development for your change leaders, change agents and managers, for example:

  • Change Leadership Essentials - to make sure you achieve the results you want 
  • Rapid Change Methodology - the key steps to accelerated success
  • Inspirational Communication - to tell the compelling story of the end game.
  • Engagement Skills - to achieve buy-in and to develop and empower your people
  • Handling resistance and difficult people - so you don't rerail your change efforts
  • Enabling challenging and honest conversations - to say the things that need to be said
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