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About CoachWise™

We saw people with a greater ability to manage transitions and change with confidence. Managers learned how to challenge and change organisational dynamics and develop higher levels of personal leadership capability.

Frank Bowles, Business Change Leader, BT

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About our Coaching programmes

Rapid Change’s approach makes you think about what you can do and how you do it, your strengths and values and aspirations and abilities and somehow builds confidence in your abilities and beliefs that everything is achievable.

Karen Gallagher, Head of Concern

Accredited Coach Training For Leaders

We adopt a coaching approach to transform organisational culture and accelerate business growth.

Our definition of Coaching:

Supporting, individuals, teams and organisations to get what they want without telling them how to do it.

We believe that the top priority for companies during these turbulent times is to build resourcefulness, resilience, optimism and collaboration amongst people at ALL levels in the organisation. We help organisations create a value-driven, self-sustaining programme that acts as a catalyst for stronger, more flexible leadership across the organisation. We help companies become the kind of place where everybody wants to work.

Build a coaching culture and develop your own internal coaching capability with this Professional Coach training programme (ICF accredited). What you can expect from our programmes:

  • Growth in leadership and management skills and qualities across the organisation.
  • Greater employee engagement.
  • Empowered, creative, responsible people inspired to bring about transformation for themselves and their organisation.
  • An emerging culture of personal responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience and realistic optimism that spreads across the organisation. 

Delivered  in partnership with CoachWise™ we use the CoachWise™ Model which:

  • is a leading worldwide corporate coaching model which has delivered significant business benefit in organisations such as BT and Aviva.
  • has been designed by business people for business people; it is practical and immediately applicable in the workplace.
  • is one of only 40 International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited models worldwide.

Accredited Professional Corporate Coach Training Programme
Delivered  by Rapid Change Consultancy in partnership with CoachWise™ 

CoachWise™ delivered by Rapid Change Consultancy in partnership with CoachWise™  is ideal for those who want to take their coaching to professional level and for organisations that want to build internal coaching capability.

CoachWise Essentials™ is the first step in the journey of becoming a professionally accredited coach. In this initial programme, participants are immersed in the CoachWise model and learn it through experiencing it as a coach and as a client.

CoachWise Equipped™ builds on Essentials to offer comprehensive, intensive and practical learning. Participants become powerful coaches, leaders and catalysts for personal and organisational transformation.

CoachWise Proficiency™ builds further on Equipped, this programme aims to perfect coaching expertise by supporting people working as coaches in their everyday practice to master their skills and exploit their capacity as a professional coach.


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