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What people say

His ability to put things in perspective and get me to give myself the answer I knew was right all along is invaluable. What he does is a bit like squeezing an orange for every last bit of juice - but it doesn't hurt. A session with him always delivers answers and guidance but with his client doing all the talking - hearing yourself affirm something to yourself is definitely more emphatic than being instructed.

‘The value in having a completely non-judgmental sounding board is priceless.  I have moved from the place of ‘can I?’ to ‘I can’.  It is all within myself and I know that.  Just having some good coaching tips on how to ‘overcome that nagging self doubt’ is great.  The experience has been relaxed and non-threatening but has made me think very differently about myself.  Self confidence has given me the strength to make a real difference. 

Nigel Milway

Executive Coach


Nigel is an experienced Executive and Career Development Coach. Prior to that his career culminated in the position of Director at BT and included both public and private sector periods. Throughout his career Nigel developed strong leadership experience, built successful new organisations, delivered large-scale investment and change programmes. He also developed individuals and teams from a wide range nationalities and cultures across functions as diverse as technology, IT, innovation, programme management, operations, sales, performance improvement and consulting.

Nigel is a Certified Leadership Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has 7 years experience working with CEOs, Board Members and aspiring executives. He has coached a wide range of clients from many sectors and nationalities.

His clients include Network Rail, ICON, Bosch, BMW, BT, CITI, Amgen (Pharma), Mako Investment Managers (Hedge Fund), Cancer Research and Sky. Nigel’s coaching specialities are leadership, communication, networking, organisation development, building new businesses as well as managing successful projects and programmes.

Other relevant qualifications:

Institute of Directors Certificate in Company Direction
Portfolio, Programme, Project Management and Change Management accreditations
(IMA) incl. MSP Practitioner