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What people say

In just over one year of working with Jen, I doubled my income, created powerful work partnerships, and boosted my visibility with large financial institutions and private equity clients. Plus it was fun. I’d recommend Jen to anyone, particularly if they want to learn about coaching while they’re being coached.

I would come to the sessions with a heavy problem and leave with a new sense of possibility. There was nothing we couldn’t tackle together—even the thorniest issues became simple and clear. I created better client relationships and stepped into my own powerful inner leader. And, I have more peace and more play time. Thanks.

Jen Lindsay, MCC

Executive Coach

Jen works with select clients on an individual basis. As a leadership coach, she first helps her clients gain clarity on their vision and values, and inventory their core strengths. Once they’re clear on the vision, she helps her clients build powerful relationships, gain intellectual and emotional competencies, create a wider sphere of influence, and move with boldness and confidence towards what they want.

Since 2004, Jen has held the designation of Master Certified Coach, the highest measure of coaching competence and experience granted by the International Coaching Federation. Author of the CoachWise™ model and curriculum developer of course offerings base on CoachWise. Taught over 2200 coaches over the last 10 years; trained course facilitators, and sat on the examining board for over 100 coaching students. Former Sr. Faculty member of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest coach training school in the world.