Executive Team Performance

Supporting executive leadership teams accelerate their results. Particularly applicable after a merger or restructure, with the arrival of a new CEO or if there are significant performance or transformation challenges in the organisation. Also for teams in conflict, teams that are under performing or if there is a need to collaborate across organisational boundaries. 

Our offerings include: 

Vision & Strategy Session

If you don't know where you are going any road will get you there. Alice in Wonderland  

A bespoke interactive and creative one-day workshop for Boards or Executive Leadership Teams tailored to the needs of your organisation.  This workshop will expand your thinking, encourage you to think bold, think possibilities and inspire action by:

  • Co-creating a collective vision that the whole team buy into
  • Developing the strategy  to achieve agreed business outcomes
  • Identifying and addressing barriers and obstacles to success
  • Building accountability through clarity of committed action
  • Building trust to support robust dialogue and improve creativity and innovation

I didn’t have high hopes for this session and you have exceeded all my expectations. I didn’t believe we would have got this far in one day. I am amazed how aligned we all are. Roger Casement. Director, AES NI  

The highlight for me was the commitment, positivity and aspirations of the team, it was palpaple. We now have some really innovative ideas and more than that the engagement and motivation to put them in place. Heather Hamill, Director Proparamedics  

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Team Coaching

Team coaching supports capability and sustainable growth by simultaneously focusing on strengthening business and people leadership at the individual and team level e.g. setting direction, creating alignment throughout the organization, and building the commitment of everyone needed to accomplish organisational objectives.

In a team setting, the coaching client is the team as a whole rather than each of the executives in turn. The focus of the team coaching process is on bringing out the hidden dynamics of the group so that they can be managed in a safe environment. In the absence of conscious choices about these processes, they tend to become dominated by the power relationships among the members and the personality patterns of each of them.

Building on a Strategy or Vision Sesssion, this 6 - 12 month coaching programme for the executive leadership team as a whole will fast track their business results by:

  • Having greater alignment, co-operation and collaboration in strategy execution
  • Valuing differences - communciation and behavioral styles, cultural and gender differences
  • Understanding and resolving team behavioural norms 
  • Building trust to support robust dialogue resulting in creativity, innovation and better decision making
  • Dealing effectively and constuctively with conflict

This programme helped us think through our challenges, figure out where we wanted to be and enthused everyone for the journey. Managing Director, IT Organisation  

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Team Skills Development Programme

This bespoke development programme tailored for executive teams equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to increase leadership and team performance and effectiveness. Examples may include:

  • Developing and shaping organisational culture to drive performance
  • Methodologies and skills to drive and accelerate change implementation
  • Powerful and effective conversations to influence and resolve conflict 
  • Understanding and working with group dynamics

We are now equipped for the challenges ahead. So much of the programme has stuck with us and is making a difference in how we communicate, make decisions and engage with our people. Managing Director, IT Organisation  

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Ultimate Team Leadership

A practical implementation programme for experienced executives or leaders who need to build diverse and high performing teams in their organisaiton. 

Ultimate Team Leadership Programme