Ultimate Team Leadership Programme

A practical implementation programme for experienced executives, leaders and up and coming future talent who are driving change and higher team performance to deliver accelerated organisational results.

Do you feel like getting your teams focussed and delivering results is like pushing a boulder up hill and it keeps rolling back down again?

Do you want to:

  • Get a team firing on all cylinders?
  • Revive a flagging team?
  • Turnaround a team that is underperforming?
  • Get your team to step up to or align with a new challenge?
  • Have your teams collaborate across the organisation? 
  • Stop all the bickering and fighting? 

When dealing with the dynamics between two or more people it’s never easy to know where to start and you are never sure if what you will do will work.

Total Team solution: How to become a winning team catylst

This practical and insightful programme will transform your experience of dealing with teams that are not engaging in your change or transformation programme, performing below par, coasting along or at loggerheads.

It not only equips you and your leaders with knowledge and skills, it builds confidence and motivation so that you can put your new found skills into action back at the ranch.

Results you can expect:

  • People stepping up and taking responsibilty for delivering outstanding results
  • Motivated teams who work hard and work together across organisational boundaries to get things done
  • Greater levels of employee engagement and trust
  • Improved relationships, co-operation and collaboration
  • A new way of thinking
  • Higher levels of performance

“If only 30 years ago, I knew then what I know now, I’d have had a lot less stress and hassle! Now people are involved in addressing issues and because we all have a different ways of thinking we always come up with something better.

The results have been amazing. Our team is working so differently now, all our meetings are focused on the outcome. This takes time, but once you “get it” it is way more efficient.

Heather Hamill, Director, Proparamedics

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