Motivating and Engaging Your Team

For team leaders – new and experienced at any level in the organisation who need their people to step up a gear and improve performance and results.

Recognise any of these challenges:

  • Exhausted having to do all the work yourself
  • Not able to play to your strengths or do what you need to
  • Think you’re doing it right, but it’s making things worse not better
  • Things aren’t progressing as you want, despite a huge amount of effort on your part
  • People are underperforming and I don’t know what to do or say for fear of making it worse
  • Deadlines and opportunities missed, people not doing what they should be and they could do it so much better or faster

Your leaders will be equipped to :

  • Develop and grow their people
  • Drive shifts in mindset, attitude and behaviours 
  • Improve performance in their teams
  • Engage and collaborate across teams
  • Raise and resolve difficult people issues
  • Manage poor performers, resisters and square pegs in round holes with ease 

I believe I have the knowledge and tools to be able to engage fully with my team to enable them to explore the possibilities and develop solutions, making them much less reliant on my input. I can now free up more of my time be more strategic and add value to the organisation. …In just one conversation I was able to avoid a key player leaving the organisation, saving the business £1000s!  ” Anne Watson, HR Director, McAvoy Construction   


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