Leading Change 

Do you know only 20% of your people are totally behind your initiatives?

For business leaders, change leaders, change agents and managers who want to bring people together and on board with the one agenda,  organisational change or transformation programmes, even when you don't directly manage the people involved.

This could be you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • People are paying lip service, keeping their heads down and keep doing things the same old way
  • People are flat, withdrawn, complaining, demoralied and don't want to be part of things
  • Progress is slow at best, or worse still, looks like your change may not be implemented at all
  • Think you are doing it right, but it's making things worse not better
  • Things aren't progressing as you want, despite a huge amount of effort on your part

Then it's time to find out the sure-fire and simple methodology to engage your people and get them on board with the change effort you are leading.

Results you can expect:

  • Get 80% of your people behind your initiatives!
  • Align people behind one agenda, including those you don't directly manage 
  • Break down silos across the organisation
  • Handle resistence and difficult people with confidence
  • Achieve the results you intend

“I’ve already made some major changes. I had a session with the rest of the team, I did it differently and the effect was amazing. Everyone is all fired up!” Partner, Law Firm

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