Handling Difficult People and Managing Conflict 

For leaders and managers responsible for performance management or for anyone who wants to manage and resolve interpersonal conflict, or influence and negotiate on business related issues with colleagues, customers or suppliers. Transform your experience of dealing with people and teams that are performing below par, coasting along or at logger heads.

Do you recognise any of these?

  • People are underperforming and I don’t know what to do or say for fear of making it worse.
  • I give constructive feedback but nothing changes, or if it does, it doesn’t last
  • People get very defensive, you just can’t talk to them
  • I’m afraid of hurting their feelings so I just don’t say anything
  • Conversations go around in circles and nothing is ever resolved
  • There’s blaming, backstabbing, bad mouthing and bickering within and across teams.

This simple framework will give confidence in delivering difficult messages and achieving good outcomes for your business whilst  building and maintaining good relationships with the people concerned. 

Results you can expect

  • Address and solve real issues that matter to you and your business.
  • Give Effective Feedback and receive in the moment feedback.
  • Gain commitment to the way forward.
  • Gain trust and build effective relationships.
  • Effectively resolve conflict.
  • Effectively influence and negotiate with colleagues, clients, business partners and suppliers.


My fear of having difficult conversations has been removed. The results have been amazing!”. Heather Hamill, Director, Proparamedics

“I struggled with having difficult conversations with different people and now I handle those conversations with confidence and authority” Karen Gallagher, Consultant

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